Construction waste crawler mobile crushing station

developed by introducing advanced technology, so it has a strong advantage in function and operation. At present, it is one of the popular equipment types in mining field

Introduction To Materials

Construction garbage refers to the waste soil, waste concrete, waste brick and stone and other wastes generated in the production activities of construction industry such as demolition, construction, decoration and repair. According to the source classification, construction waste can be divided into engineering waste, decoration waste, demolition waste, engineering mud, etc. According to composition, construction waste can be divided into residual soil, concrete block, gravel block, brick and tile block, waste mortar, mud, asphalt block, waste plastic, waste metal, waste bamboo and wood, etc.

Application Area

Our experienced engineers design products and production lines for a wide range of applications, used in mining crushed stone processing, finished aggregate, mechanism sand, construction waste reuse, refractory materials, building materials cement, roads, Bridges, highways, dongmeng machinery.